Catch a Cheating Spouse, Partner, Boyfriend or Girlfriend with WebWatcher

If you suspect your signficant other is cheating on you, the easiest way to get your proof is to hire a private investigator to follow him or her around and watch everything he or she does. This is a very expensive option though. Hiring private eyes can cost you $100’s per day!

How to Catch a Cheating SpouseInternet monitoring software like AwarenessTech’s WebWatcher provide a much less expensive option which can often provide the same results as a private eye. Since most cheaters use their computer and the Internet to communicate with the people they’re cheating with, you can catch them if you have the right tools. WebWatcher gives you the ability to discreetly and remotely monitor everything they do on their computer!

This includes all of the Internet activities, their email, their instant messaging and private messaging, any documents they create or open on their computer, any chat rooms they participate in and much more.

For WebWatcher to do it’s job, you simply install it on the computer (or computers) used most by your significant other. Once installed, WebWatcher goes into stealth mode and silently records everything he or she does on the computer. The program then uploads screenshots (pictures) of everything (text, pictures, webpages, etc.) done on the computer to AwarenessTech’s servers and you can login from anywhere and view them.

This means you can install WebWatcher on your home computer, and secretly monitor your spouse’s behaviors from the comfort of your office, the library or from the room next door. Your spouse will have no idea that you are monitoring the computer. Even if he or she installs antivirus software or spyware removal programs, WebWatcher will continue to work!



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